History of the Saylor  Township Fire Department

History of the Saylor Township Fire Department

The Saylor Township Fire Department was born from a discussion between three men, Rev. George J. Enyedi, Ken Allfree, and Fred Williams, who were thinking of future developments in our community. A series of meetings were held in various parts of the community in an effort to establish the need and develop the interest in a fire department. Various committees were appointed to investigate the cost and related problems for the development of a department in this community. Later on, on September 3, 1946, this movement was incorporated under the laws of the state of Iowa and became the North Des Moines Fire Association. Officers were elected, and business meetings were held. At this time, the membership fees in the association were from $1.00 to $25.00 per year, and contributions were being made to purchase equipment. As time went by, interest lagged until a meeting was called in January 1949 to organize new interests in the community for the organization. Committees were named and, by various means, attempted to create enough interest within the community to build a fire department, but the progress was difficult until they sponsored a carnival on Second Avenue in April of 1949. This project aroused new interest and was financially successful to the point that in November 1950, funds were available to purchase a truck. Fire protection was here to stay! Even at this early date, however, the members of the fire department realized that the mill levy was the only hope for continued success for fire protection in this area. Petitions were circulated to request the board of trustees to hold an election for the levy of fire protection. The petitions, with the required number of petitioners, were presented, and the election was held on March 12, 1951, and passed. The legality of the election was contested in the township, and the election was ruled invalid. The trustees again presented the issue of voting in the general election in November 1952. At this election, the measure was voted in. Since that time, the board of trustees and the firefighters of Saylor Township have worked with specifications and legal details to build the fire station and furnish it with minimum equipment to enable the firefighters to provide more community fire safety. As the community grows and property values increase, more protection will gradually become necessary.