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Employment Opportunities

Application Process

  • Paid on call firefighter/EMT/Paramedic must reside within 10 minute drive time to the fire station.
  • Fill out the online application below.
  • The Investigation Committee will contact you to schedule a time for an oral interview and physical agility test held at the fire station.
  • Your file will be transferred to the Chief for review with a recommendation of approval/disapproval for membership.
  • If approved, the Investigation Committee will contact you to schedule a time for a physical at a clinic of our choice.
  • After completion of all paperwork, and after the next available Trustees Meeting, you will be contacted to come to the fire station to be issued equipment and fill out employment paperwork.
  • If not approved, the Investigation Committee will notify you of the results.
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A truck that is on fire in the sand.

New Applicant Physical Abilities Test

Candidates will be wearing a fire coat, helmet, SCBA, and gloves while performing the physical abilities test. Candidates will have 2 attempts at each station. An explanation of each test will be given before you proceed. You will also be required to sign a waiver of liability before taking the physical abilities test.

Candidates must wear long pants and closed-toe shoes in order to take the physical abilities test.

1. Equipment Carry

  • Candidate will pick up a smoke ejector and then walk approx. 30ft around a cone and back. The candidate will place the smoke ejector back on the ground at the start line for a total walking distance of 60ft.
  • Dropping the smoke ejector will result in failure.

2. Forcible Entry

  • Candidate will use an 8-pound sledgehammer and strike an object on the ground until it has been moved approx. 8ft.
  • Failure to move an object the total distance of 8ft will result in failure.

3. Hose Pull

  • Candidate will pick up nozzle attached to 100ft of uncharged 2.5-inch hose and pull the hose until the nozzle crosses the finish line at approx. 100ft.
  • Failure to reach the finish line will result in failure.

4. Equipment Raise

  • Candidate will grasp the rope and proceed to raise and lower a rolled section of 2.5-inch hose in the air approx. 20ft using hand over hand method a total of 4 times.
  • Dropping the hose or letting the rope slip more than 5ft will result in failure.

5. Room Search

  • Candidate will don a reduced visibility SCBA mask with the assistance of the proctor. The candidate will then follow them until they are told to stop. The proctor will then assist the candidate with removing the SCBA while leaving the mask on. The candidate will then proceed through a 3ft diameter tunnel for a length of approx. 10ft.
  • Failure to make it through the tunnel will result in failure.

6. Dummy Drag

  • Candidate will drag the dummy approx. 30ft around the cone and back to the start line for a total distance of 60ft.
  • Stopping more than 2 times or dropping the dummy will result in failure.

****Candidate's vital signs MUST be within reasonable limits after completion of the physical abilities test****